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Katmai Bear Viewing and Tours in Alaska

Providing The Ultimate Wildlife Experience Since 1978.

Guiding Photographers & Adventure Traveler’s Is our Passion. We Guarantee that you will get up close images of Grizzlies.

 It takes more than Experience to make this guarantee.   It takes having a combination of  Sea planes, boats & bush planes with tundra tires.  Our unique location lets us park our 3 sea/float planes and our 2 tundra tire equipped planes at the lodge. Having instant access of all 3 combined with Alaska’s oldest bear viewing service guarantees you will see grizzlies. As avid photographers ourselves we understand that seeing lots of bears is not enough. We get you into the proper position for light and background. Helping you capture fantastic images of wildlife is what we do best.


Every Year Art Wolfe, National Geographic, BBC & many other professional photographers use our guide service.

4 US congressmen, General Chuck Yeager, and even two Presidents of the United States have all visited our lodge,

All our trips are fully guided with 5 aircraft always standing by just to fly our 12 guest to over 127 different locations. Our clients have exclusive use the 5 aircraft which include 2 float planes (sea planes), 3 bush planes on tundra tires as well as 10 jet boats. The planes and boats are not out doing other things during the day.  They are used exclusively for our guests. You never wait for an airtaxi plane stationed somewhere else to show up! Our planes are always with you or at the lodge waiting for you.  In all, we cover a 30,000 square-mile area, including Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks, & the Bristol Bay Watershed.  Having the plane stay with you all day is a huge advantage allowing us to always be where the best bear activity is, and more importantly, if bad weather is blowing in we simply take off for the lodge or a different location.


Living in the area during the off season our aircraft have conducted over 170 aerial wildlife surveys. When abnormal conditions occurred, and other lodges or boats were struggling just trying to find bears our clients were always seeing plenty of grizzlies up close. There is no substitute for 4 decades experience in the area along with our unique access of sea planes, boats and tundra tired equipped bush planes.


2023 Rates
5 Days, 5 Nights at the Lodge, with Daily Guided Adventures and all Inclusive Fly-Outs
For July & August
6 Days, 6 Nights at the Lodge, with Daily Guided Adventures and all Inclusive Fly-Outs
For June & September

Our exclusive lodge and guided trips are on a totally different playing field than those of other wilderness lodges. We boast in our top of the line, daily multi-course meals, and 41 years of experience guiding Alaskan bush-flying adventures of a lifetime. That is why, every year, world renown wildlife photographers such as Art Wolfe, Daryl Balfour, Gavriel Jecan, David Hemmings, Eberhard Brunner, and so many others convene at the Jacques family lodge to lead their wildlife workshops. Don't miss out this year! Book your trip of a lifetime at Bristol Bay Sportfishing and Adventure Lodge!

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Adventures in Alaska with this crazyawesome crew. A huge thank you to our incredible host the Jacques Family & Alaska Grizzly Safaris as well as The Luminous Endowment For Photographers for this amazing opportunity! Our week in the backcountry shooting bears and learning from Art Wolfe and Gavriel Jecan was truly unforgettable... hoping to see many of you at NANPA in February!

Jennifer Adler (Reimagining Bears Blog)