The salmon run in Alaska is one of the highlights of the year for both fishermen and photographers, and I’m pretty confident in making a bold statement that this safari probably offers the very best in action wildlife photography of any trip we or anyone else offers!

The ability to access remote lakes, rivers and streams by floatplane each day, to get up close and personal with wild “coastal brown bears” (the technically correct name of these so-called grizzly bears for the finicky), and to photograph them at often very closequarters as they go about their business of chasing after spawning salmon in the shallows, offers unsurpassed photographic opportunities.

This past season we included a day trip to the renowned viewing platforms at Brooks Falls to assess the possibilities there too, and in 2018 we have timed our safari almost a month earlier to take advantage of the photo opportunities there too. Brooks is where the bears stand at the top of a low waterfall and catch the salmon as they attempt to leap this obstruction in their path upstream. Truly dramatic photos!

Apart from the grizzlies, the mere fact that we have floatplanes plus tundra tyred aircraft at our disposal to fly anywhere around the remote Katmai peninsula each day in itself makes this a truly spectacular safari.