Alaska Bird Watching

With 525 different species of birds who call Alaska home, it is one of the greatest concentrations of seabird colonies this planet has to offer.

Bristol Bay is a major avian crossroads consisting of four migratory flyways, with birds from Africa, Asia, the Central Pacific, and the Americas. All of which migrate to and from the region in search of its diverse habitats and abundant resources. Arguably, there isn’t another place on else on Earth so important to so many different birds. Take advantage of our lodge’s unique shoreline location, and photograph birds right off the back porch!

he extended shooting light found only in Alaska, will grant you the most spectacular lighting and backdrops for bird photography. Sharpen your camera skills here at the lodge, and be ready to capture the unexpected moment the majestic bald eagle flies at you with a trout clenched tight in its talons. Or capture the split second when a spastic Arctic tern nose-dives into the water, returning with its prized minnow. Although most people visit our lodge in pursuit of Alaska’s infamous brown bears, it is important not to look past the smaller, yet equally magnificent subjects all around us.

Some photos provided by Robert Hawthorne of Robert Hawthorne Photography.