All of July is prime for Brooks falls. We have July 10-15 open

That is early for moraine creek. The Katmai coast is good then but bears are digging clams, eating grass. A few places have fishing bears then

July 15 is when moraine creek reliably get bears. It gets better each day after that August 1-15 is absolute peak for moraine creek It will be excellent until the 20 th of August and after that it starts to slow down and we use 6 to 8 other places

September is when Brooks falls and lake Clark picks back up

We have quite a few other places in August and September that have bears fishing for silver salmon and chum salmon. Every small creek on the Katmai coast will have a small salmon run for a week or so. The problem is the runs are unpredictable it varies a lot. Water level from rain and tides have big affect on small streams. It takes flying every day and watching the creeks.

We move viewing locations at least every week Some times it is tundra tire access on the beach and other times it is float planes and a few are only accessible by boat