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4 Days 4 Nights at Lodge
Guided Daily Adventures with Daily Fly-Outs
5 Days 5 Nights at Lodge
Guided Daily Adventures with daily Fly-Outs
6 Days 6 Nights At Lodge
Guided Daily Adventures with Daily Fly-Outs 

Fully Guided 1 Night At Lodge   5  Nights At Remote Tent Camp $3,780.00

Frequently asked questions 

1. What is Alaska Grizzly Safaris?

We are a remote Alaska lodge & guide service. Specializing in Photo Safaris of Grizzly Bears & Walrus, Bush Flying Safaris and Fly Fishing. We have been guiding full time in Alaska since 1978. The Lodge is family run and environmentally friendly.

2. Where are you located?

We are located in the wildest part of Alaska on the North shore of Lake Iliamna (Alaska's largest lake) We are surrounded by 18 million acres of roadless wilderness

3. How do I get there?
To get to the Lodge you will need to make flight arrangements from Anchorage to the remote Village of Iliamna. You will need to catch the 3:30 PM flight from Anchorage to Iliamna with Iliamna Air (907- 571-1248). The the cost is approximately $460. Make your reservation as far in advanced as possible. Upon your arrival at the Iliamana airport, you will be met by our lodge staff and transferred to the lodge. On your departure day book yourself on the late afternoon flight back to Anchorage.

4. How physically demanding are the wildlife safaris?

Our trips are tailored to your individual needs. With our 4 bush planes, jet boats, rafts and kayaks we can accommodate anyone in reasonable shape. You should be able to walk at least 1 mile a day if you are to see wildlife from the ground.

5. How many guest are at the lodge?

Only 10 guest will be at the lodge during your stay, We prefer the dynamics of a small personalized operation so we can customizes each day activities to the desire of our guest.

6. Do I have to worry about arrival or departure delays getting to Iliamna?

No! The Iliamna Airport is an all weather airport with a GPS instrument approach, making your arrival and departure days extremely reliable. In the last 10 years every guest has arrived and departed on schedule with Iliamna Air.

7. Is there a weight limit on baggage?

No weight limit! Your first 50 pounds (22 Kilograms) of baggage is free. You will be charged $1.60 per pound excess baggage fee by the air service for anything over 50 LBS but there is no limit as to how much you can bring providing you are willing to pay for the overage.

8. What is the weather like?

The average summer days will be 50-60 (10-16 Celsius) Weather can change quickly in Western Alaska so you need to always have your rain jacket in your day pack just in case.

9. Meals?

The lodge has a long standing reputation for fine dining. Meals prepared fresh daily under the experienced eye of our chef. We cater to both meat lovers and vegetarians. If you have special dietary restrictions please call Cindy our chef 2 weeks before your arrival so the she can have the supplies on hand to meet your needs. (907) 571-6524

10. What are the accommodations like?

The main lodge, is right on the shore of the lake and the gathering place for our guest. You'll enjoy the warmth and atmosphere around the stone fireplace reliving the day's adventure, project images on a large screen, play pool in the pool room, and plan tomorrow's adventures, all while taking in a 180 degree panoramic view of Alaska's largest lake and the glacial filled mountains of the Alaska Peninsula.  We have 5 comfortable cedar guest cabins next to the main lodge. Each cabin has a private bathroom, shower with unlimited hot water, heaters with thermostat so you set the heat where you like it. There are 2 full sized beads in each cabin and you should expect double occupancy.

11. What is included in the trip Package?
We are adventure travelers ourselves and our pet peeve is having hidden cost at the end of the trip. We try to include everything in your trip, All the daily bush flights, boat trips, raft trips, food, lodging, guides, maid service, waders, fishing rods, reals, fly's, and even camera tripods are included in the trip price.

12. What cost are not included in the trip Package ?

airline flights between Anchorage & Iliamna Airport.
alcohol, you must bring your own or have it shipped in before your trip.
fishing licenses, available on line or in Iliamna.
staff gratuities, you will find that our staff is incredibly attentive to your needs and will work very hard for you. Tips are very much appreciated.

13. Is there Hiking?

Yes! From the lodge there is a variety of hiking trails for every ability level. Using the aircraft or boats we can get you to any kind terrain you desire. From High Alpine tundra to 50 mile long black sand beaches.

14. Is it safe Safe?

For 39 years we have been leading wilderness trips in Alaska. We have guided over 8,900 clients and never had one of our clients injured. We take aircraft safety, boat safety and bear safety very serious. We believe that we have the best trained guides and pilots in the industry and our safety record reflects that. Even with our perfect safety record there is still the risk of injury or death any time you are traveling in the wilds of Alaska. our insurance company requires all of our guest to read and sign an assumption of risk/ liability release form before participating.

15. How close do we get to the Bears?

Bears are individuals just like people. Each bear will have a different tolerance level for how close it will be comfortable with us approaching it. We often approach to 50 yards and bears will occasionally wander past us as close at 15 yards. Our guides are able to read the bear's body language and know just how close is a safe distance. We have many bears that we have identified and watched for years. There are a few sows that we have watched raising 3 generations of cubs. These momma bears have learned that we are not a threat to their cubs and will often come lay down to nurse very close to us.

16. Do you have Electricity?

Yes! Our power comes from a small hydro project and runs 24 hrs a day. You have unlimited power to charge your camera gear, laptop, run a hair dryer or power a CPAP machine all night.

17. Does the lodge have Internet and Cell Phone service?

Only cell phones with AT&T service will work. There is a lodge phone that you are free to use for non international calls. Our Internet has very limited bandwidth so only emails that do not have attachments can be sent or revived.

18. What happens if there is a medical emergence

We are in remote Alaska but are incredibility fortunate to have a fully equipped medical clinic only 5 miles from the lodge that is accessible 24 hours a day. 7 miles from the lodge the Iliamna Airport has an all weather airport, emergency evacuations are always available. Our guides all carry Satellite phones on the day trips.

19. Mosquitoes how bad are they?

During the day insects are not normally a problem in the evenings they do come out and a little dose of repellant will do the trick for most people. If you are particularly sensitive bring a head net for the evenings and you will be fine. We provide Insect repellent.

20. What Clothing do I need?

Typical clothing consists of synthetic long underwear, fleece jacket and pants, hooded sweatshirt, a good rain jacket and plenty of socks. Fingerless gloves are nice for cool mornings, and bring along a warm hat. Dress at the lodge is casual.

21. What footwear do I need?

We will provide you with state of the art Gortex waders and wading boots. This new technology gear is amazing, it will give you the ability to wade through streams or sit in a puddle while keeping you dry and comfortable.

22. What telephoto lenses and other photo gear to bring?

A 100-400 F4.5 or a 70-200 F2.8 will be good lenses choices. Bring a rain cover for the camera body and lenses. A good tripod is also recommended. We understand tripods are a pain to travel with on the airlines. We have a few a Manfrotto 3221 tripods with gimbal heads that are available to use for our guest. Please call Jerry to reserve these at least 20 days before your trip (907) 571-6524

23. Is laundry service available at the lodge

Yes! Limited laundry service is available upon request.

24. When are we open?

We are open June 1 to October 10

25 How To Book Your Trip
To confirm your reservation we require a 50% deposit, the balance is due upon your arrival at the lodge. Due to our short season of operation and inability to fill empty space at the last minute we cannot offer refunds on deposits. Dates can be changed during the same year without penalty, based on our availability. We strongly recommend trip insurance. For travel insurance we have heard good things of Squaremouth Travel (800) 240-0369. Give them a call they are open 24-7 Deposit checks should be made out to BBSF & Adventure Lodge During the winter months our address is 3305 Oregon Trail Lane Kimberly ID 83341
Our Guest are tending to book farther and farther in advanced, to get the week you desire you should make your reservation a year in advance. Space is available on a first deposit, first reserved basis. When making reservations more than 1 year in advance. A $ 500.00 per person deposit is required to secure space.
26 Gratuities
Our lodge staff, guides and pilots work extremely hard for our guest. They work as a team to make your trip a successful experience that is comfortable, enjoyable and safe. The guides and pilots being with you every day are in the lime light. Less noticed is the support staff like kitchen, house keeping and maintenance who are all equally important. Inevitably we get asked what is customary regarding tipping and who to tip. As we said our staff is a team as such they split all tips equally.
8-12 percent of the package cost per person seems to be the average. For guest on photo workshops the average seems to be that each participant leaves the staff $100.00 for each full day that they spend at the lodge. Of-course Tipping is always optional and always dependent on how you feel you were treated. Gratuities can be left with the head guide Travis or the chef Cindy they will divvy it up to the rest of the crew. Any gratuity offered is always appreciated . Please note that the lodge can not accept credit cards so please use cash, travelers checks or personal checks.
27 Bear Spray
Our guides are trained with both firearms and bear spray. We have never had to use them but your safety is always our first concern. Our guest that want to carry their own can of bear spray feel free to do so. It is very important that all bear spray is given to your pilot each time you board the plane so it can be stored in a special compartment Please do not forget as that is a huge safety issue for everyone on the plane

25. Places to stay in Anchorage

                             907.243.2300   866.866.8086






A valid photo I.D. is required for US citizens traveling to Alaska. All guests will all also be required to fill out the lodge’s customer information/release form. As always travel insurance is strongly recommended.