We came to you with much anticipation and excitement; drawn to Iliamna by the allure of the Alaskan wilderness. We experienced in awe the grandeur of the landscape in tundra, rivers, falls, glaciers, lakes, mountains and the turning of the leaves. It was glorious! We gasped in the presence of majestic bears and were thrilled to walk among them and to be allowed to witness their daily rituals. We were privileged to see mothers and cubs in intricate moments of family life, curious youngling’s racing up and down, wrestling their siblings, playfully spending their days in search of their own adventure and working together with moms to eat as much as they could- what an amazing sight!

We lounged, hiked, fished, slept, ate like kings and queens and were treated with a rare hospitality that made us feel like part of your family. We leave you with hearts full of gratitude for your openness and generosity. We will always treasure this experience.

Jerry, Thank you for your wonderful stories, and the protection you provided. We really appreciate the time you spent with us imparting knowledge and even allowing us to do a little target practice! You are a gentleman, a teacher and guide.

Cliff and Linda, we thank you for sharing Jo-Jo with us. You are so very kind and attentive. Our needs were always tended to and you made us feel right at home. Cliff, thank you for the tour of the old boats, the expert guidance for Marissa on the New Halen river. She really enjoyed fishing with you and Chuck. I really appreciated the 12 waders you gave me, each one with a bigger hole than the last! Thank you!

Chuck, you are a kind and helpful soul and you went out of your way to keep us safe, to get us from place to place in one piece. We really enjoyed your company. Thank you!

LaVina, we are thankful for all of your service. You were incredibly attentive and kind. We are excited for you as you continue to develop as a person and as a pilot. Thank you!

Cindy, you know the way to a man’s heart and you sure delivered! The food was prepared so well. Thank you for being adaptive to our needs. Each meal was simply yum! Thank you!

We are sad to go but extremely grateful for the time with each of you.
Blessings to you all.

Jesús Parra
Jessica Reiner
Marissa Reiner