August 27 we flew to the Kamashak coast in the Cessna 206 and the beaver. Landed on the river in the tidal zone. Today there is. 18′ difference between low a n high tide. After landing 6 guest with 2 guides got into 2 of our jet boats and headed up river. Our goal was to see bears and catch silver salmon

8 minutes after launching we saw the first bear a sub adult that was fishing or at least trying to catch fish. I suspect this is this young males first year away from momma and he is not very adept at fishing.

The fishermen in our party tried caching some silver salmon and had no better luck than the young grizzly so we decided to continue up river

Saw a sow with Cubs at the next stop. She was a very professional fishermen and kept her Cubs fed with plenty of fish.

One of our party landed a fresh silver but fishing was slow here also so up river again where the first boat found a honey hole full of fresh silver salmon. It was easy for every one to catch the limit of 3 per person. As the guides started cleaning fish 2 different bears showed up. They took to fishing a different hole near us but only caught older chum salmon

We had to wait until the tide came back in before we could take off. Weather was starting to deteriorate and the tide slow coming in. No one wanted to get stuck overnight and sleep in the tent. At 5:30 pm the planes had enough water to take offand everyone got back to the lodge.

Lots of fish and lots of bears along with spectacular Scenery made for a good day