Yesterday we flew Daryl Balflour the South African photographer and 8 of his workshop students into a remote creek in Katmai National Park. We saw 16 different Grizzlies during the day. We had the opportunity to photo bears fishing and catching salmon. Mid morning We had a sow that I have been watching since she was a cub walk within 36 yards of us. I had named her miss timid as she was the most timed of her litter mates when she was a cub. She now has here own Cubs that were born over the winter in her den. The tiny cubs are so cute and adorable we wanted to just pick them up and cuddle with them. Even though the sow is very comfortable being close to us everyone had the common sense to just stay put. knowing that picking up a cub would get them mauled. Miss timid is very trusting of us and sometimes will walk up to a close distance from us and lay down to nurse her cubs. Today however she was catching fish and sharing them with her cubs. The tiny Cubs eating salmon close enough to us to hear the crunching is a memorable experiences no one will forget.