My go to spot in Alaska

First let me say that I have travelled around the world from Antarctica to the North Pole.  In all of my travels I have never had a lodge so focused on making me happy.  As a professional photographer, I enjoy having choices and no crowds.  Jerry provides that. Every evening Jerry came up and said “what would you like to do tomorrow”. I always replied with “what are my choices”?  Jerry laid the numerous choices out with the plus and minus of each area and allowed us to choose.  I have never seen a lodge operate this way and I have visited several high end lodges in Alaska who come out and say “this is tomorrows plan” and basically that is what you get. (Like it or not).  What I appreciated most is that no reasonable request was refused and in fact encouraged and embraced.  The staff seemed to have the same great attitude.


In June 2022 I spent a week at Jerry’s lodge and enjoyed it so much I immediately booked a return in September 2022 and now another for September 2023.  They have a high regard to safety at the lodge and on the aircraft, that is comforting.


The daily trips were fantastic and always very flexible.  Some days the bear action was so good that even our guides blew off return time and said “too good to leave”. Despite that, dinner was still hot and ready for us when we finally returned.


The accommodations are large and “basic Alaska” but all you need to be comfortable.  Having power 24/7 was a bonus.  They have a fantastic chef, food was varied, delicious, on time and hot.  You will likely gain weight but you’ll have so much fun you won’t care!


Paul Sayegh