Alaska Walrus

Venture into some of the most remote, rugged, and wildest parts of Alaska. The Bering Sea. Its beautiful black sand beaches, hopping with wildlife, is a sight few humans get to see. Arriving at Walrus Point and the Seal Islands, you will be greeted with the unmistakable yet exciting stench of walrus. With the walrus situated upwind, you may approach and set up your tripods a mere 75 yards away without disturbing them. These beaches can often display 200-400 seals hauled out on one beach. With walruses left and right, swans nesting in the salt grasses, eagles patrolling the cliffs and waters from above, and the sea otters playing in the surrounding streams, you are going to be happy you brought back up SD cards. And it is not uncommon to see caribou, moose, and bear along the way. Join us, and become one of the few photographers to ever capture images of walrus from both ground level as well as from the towering cliffs above.